Performing Art

I’ve started performing live fairly regularly in New York the last few months. I had my first performance at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, and will be returning to Rockwood Music Hall on… Continue reading

New York Fucking City. Happy Anniversary.

I moved to New York exactly one year ago. The story of how I got here is just as good as the new ones I’ve made in the short 365 days I’ve been… Continue reading

Endless Summer

If you believe that reality is just perception, then life really is like this all the time. There’s a certain Texas based blog I follow almost religiously for their about-to-break level of artist… Continue reading


I’ve been a big fan of HEALTH ever since I saw them open for Crystal Castles back in 2009. I had heard a few tracks and remixes and showed up early to catch… Continue reading


I went to Coachella once. I met and hung out w members of The Wu-Tang Clan so I don’t think I really need to go back anymore. BUT YOU SHOULD. CAUSE IT IS… Continue reading

Sean Glass Remixes First Song. World Stops for 3:46

You might be asking yourself “Who the fuck is Sean Glass” More like who isn’t Sean Glass. If you don’t know now you know. Turns out he makes music as well. Well done,… Continue reading

Personally, This one’s Personal

I did a little Ray Lamontagne cover. Cause I love him, and yeah, maybe everything I do isn’t electronic related. Maybe I’m a little bit country. Maybe I just thought ya’ll should know… Continue reading

What You Should Be Listening to Right Now: March 2015

Now, I’m not saying that I’m always right. In fact, I’m wrong about a lot of things a lot of times, like plucking my eyebrows pencil thin during that goth phase and trying… Continue reading


Latest release from Win Music┬áHuman Life & Anabel Englund. This girl is fire rn and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I first heard her on the insatiable “Reverse Skydiving” Love jamming to this… Continue reading


Alright. Admittedly this update is way overdue. I promise I’ll be better now. Things have relocated to NYC. Expect a lot of rad new content. In the meantime here’s this:   Flight Facilities… Continue reading